Why Flying is the Best Way to Travel

Why Flying is the Best Way to Travel

One night I was having a conversation with a fellow friend of mine that owns Glass Dawg of San Antonio and he mentioned to me some tips about traveling, and he goes to say, although travelers have different preferences when it comes to choosing transport methods, flying remains the best way to travel around the world. That’s for varied reasons.

Flying is Safe

Flying is safer than traveling by cars. Fatal car crashes are reported every week or month in different parts of the world. This is not the case for airplanes. And, when an airplane goes down, chances of survival are higher than when a vehicle crashes.

Flight Costs are Affordable

Over the years, flight costs have been declining. That’s because of the increasing competition in the airline industry. As such, more people opt to travel by plane to save money and arrive to their destinations faster.

It’s Faster

Flying is the fastest way to travel. If you have only a few days to travel, you will tour the world more when you use plane to travel than when you use vehicles or cruise ships. What’s more, it’s easy to get a plane that will take you to any travel destination in the world faster.

It’s Convenient

When you travel by plane, you choose your preferred sit in the plane. And, unless there are unavoidable circumstances, your plane will leave at the scheduled time. Thus, you don’t have to waste time around the airport waiting for your flight.

It’s the Best Way to Get to Some Destinations

When traveling to places like Paris and Tahiti, flying is the best transport method to use. That’s because other options like taking slow boats take many hours or days to get you to your destination. Additionally, flying is the best transport method for international travels.


Perhaps, this is the major reason why flying is the best way to travel. When flying, you can doze off especially if you have not had time to sleep properly for some days. This is particularly good for busy people. Taking a quick nap shortens the flight while making you feel refreshed and ready for the adventure that awaits you.

In addition, flying allows you great aerial views and you can still stay productive using your laptop while traveling. So, if you plan to travel soon, consider flying rather than riding in a taxi or a boat.

Important Travel Tips for Backpackers

Backpacking is an adventurous way to travel. Here are useful travel tips for backpackers to make your next backpacking trip amazing.

Don’t Fear Talking to People

Backpacking is basically not just about your travel destination. It’s also about meeting people and making new friends. The fact that traveling surrounds you with people that you share common interests with makes it amazing. When you travel alone, don’t let boredom kill you. Instead, talk to other people to learn more about their experiences, cultures, and ways of life.

Mingle with the Locals

To learn more about your travel destination and get the best experience, interact with the local people. These will share information about the best places to enjoy great travel experiences. When you mingle with the locals, you get a chance to explore locations that tourists may have bypassed.

Invest in an Inflatable Pillow

Backpacking sometimes involves driving or using public transport for long distances. An inflatable travel pillow will take up a little space in your bug. However, it will make a significant difference when it comes to resting.

Invest in a Waterproof Camera Bag

Weather can be unpredictable in some travel destinations. Since you don’t want your expensive camera to suffer water damage, invest in a good waterproof camera bag. Make sure that the bag is sufficiently big to fit your sunscreen, wallet, and phone.

Enjoy the Local Delicacies

Your backpacking experience won’t be complete until you indulge in some local delicacies. Therefore, take some time to explore and find some places where you can enjoy truly amazing delicacies. You can even go on a wine tasting trip if you are fan of that.

Carry a Notebook

Hostel computers are expensive to use to access the internet in some places. But, you will find Wi-Fi in most places these days. As such, consider leaving your laptop behind and instead carry a notebook. This will let you write blogs and get in touch with family and friends with ease.

Follow these useful travel tips for backpackers to make your next backpacking trip amazing.

Tips for Traveling with COPD

Having Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) shouldn’t mean you will never travel. With careful planning and following these tips, you can travel with ease when you have COPD.

Packing Tips

No matter where you intend to travel to and how you plan to travel, you should pack enough oxygen or medication that will last the entire trip. If you will be away from your luggage at some point, for instance when having your bag checked, pack scripts in the carry-on. This will ensure that you can still access them in case they are misplaced by the airline. Ensure that your health providers’ names and contacts are easily accessible in case of an emergency.

When Flying

When carrying respiratory equipment while flying, talk to the service provider to ensure a smooth boarding process. For example, CPAP machines, nebulizers, and other devices shouldn’t be packed in the carry-on to pass via the x-ray machine. Facemasks and tubing can be carried in their cases. Nebulizer liquids should not be subjected to the 3 ounces limit. Also pre-inform the TSA about your medical issue to get all the help you need at the airport.

Use a Car if Possible

If you can travel by car, it would be easier. That’s because when traveling by car you can keep car windows closed to prevent traffic-related fumes from entering the vehicle. You can also avoid lung-agitating agents from entering the car. If you travel alongside a smoker, ask them to smoke only when you alight to avoid secondhand smoke.

Additional COPD Travel Tips

If you travel by train or go on a cruise tour, contact your booking agency in advance to find out if there is something that can be done to ease your travel. Also drink more water to keep your respiratory tract hydrated.

Follow these tips for traveling with COPD to make your travel experience better.

Innovative Ways to Document Your Trip

Innovative Ways to Document Your Trip

When traveling, there are many unforgettable experiences that you will be treated to. However, some of your experiences will fade over time if you don’t document them. That’s why you should keep a record of your trips and travel experiences. Here are cool and creative ways to document your trip.

Keep a Paper Journal

Although paper journals might sound too conventional to some people, they offer greater freedom to document your trip the way you wish. A paper journal allows you to preserve the memories of your trip through writing, doodling and scribbling in ways that specifically appeal to you. Instead of the usual notebooks, there are different types of travel journals that are created just for this purpose.

Make a Video Montage

Videos are more appealing than still photos and they tend to capture moments that can’t be vividly expressed using photographs better. Today, there are many devices including digital cameras and Smartphones that have great video recording capabilities. After the trip, you can review the videos, choose the ones you like and create a lengthy reel that tells the story of your trip.

Use Scratch Maps

Scratch maps are large sized scratch cards that are printed with the names of various places across the world. Using them is quite simple. After visiting a travel destination, all you need is to scratch off the layer on the map to reveal the particular country or region. Unlike push pin travel maps, scratch maps are more affordable.

Create a Fun Photo Series

Almost every traveler takes photos. Instead of just keeping them in your phone, laptop, PC or camera after the trip, make a fun photo series that gradually details the entire experience. There are many online tools that you can use to create amazing photo series.

Start a Travel Blog

If you intend to travel a lot, start a travel blog where you can preserve your memories. One of the main advantages of a blog is that it allows you to document your experiences in writing as well as using photos and videos. Besides just documenting your trip, travel blogging provides a great way to earn some extra cash.

Try these ways to document your trip and share your travel experiences with loved ones with ease.


Internet Security Tips for Travelers

Internet Security Tips for Travelers

Using computers while traveling should not freak you out. However, if you are not careful about how you access your digital information, you will open yourself up to significant expenses and hassles. That’s why you should know and follow internet security tips for travelers.

Security tips for using your device

When using your device to access the internet while traveling, be wary of gadget theft. In addition to protecting your device physically from thieves, configure it to enhance security. That way, you will keep personal data private even if someone steals your device.

For instance, make sure that your device runs the latest version of its operating system. Also tighten the security settings of your device and install appropriate security software. Additionally, make sure that you have a pass code or password for your device. That way, thieves won’t access your personal information even if they steal the device.

Security tips for using public network and computers

If you want to complete a task that does not entail logging into a personal account using a public network or computer, you have nothing to worry about. For instance, use public computers comfortably to check maps, train schedules, and museum hours. Such tasks do not pose a security risk to travelers.

However, avoid using public computers and networks to access personal accounts where you enter password or login details as much as possible. For instance, avoid logging into your email account, Facebook account, or Ecommerce from a public computer. That’s because these computers can have damaging malware that include key-logger programs. These keep track of the data that users type on them including passwords. If you must use a public computer to access personal accounts, make sure that your login details are not stored in the web browser.

Accessing personal data online

You might be tempted to check credit card or online banking statements while traveling abroad. You might also be tempted to perform other personal banking chores online. Internet security professionals advise against this. Most importantly, they recommend that you avoid using public computers to access financial data online. That’s because hackers can be logged on to the network that you use to login into your account. That means they can monitor your activities remotely including your login details. That’s why you should avoid accessing personal data online while traveling.

These are the major internet security tips for travelers. Follow them to ensure maximum safety while traveling.

Useful Child Travel Safety Tips

When it comes to traveling with toddlers and infants, adults must be very careful to ensure their wellbeing. My friend at Water Damage San Antonio shares the following tips on how to make traveling with a child safer.

Plan ahead

Get all supplies that you may need on hand to handle special and normal needs of your child. The airline is responsible for carrying passengers to their destination. However, adults are responsible for taking care of their children during flights.

Use a restraint system for your small child

When traveling with a child that weighs less than 18.1kilos or 40 pounds, have a restraint system. If your child is under the age of 2 years, you can carry them on your lap. Essentially, depending on the age and weight of your child, buy a separate seat for them or use a restraint system.

Prepare for emergencies

Take time to consider possible emergencies then invest in appropriate procedures or equipment. Pay close attention to the pre-flight emergency briefing. Also find out whether there is emergency equipment for children in the aircraft. When traveling with a child that has a special medical condition that can become an issue, alert the flight attendants before you take off.

Keep your child under control throughout

Supervision of your child is your responsibility. Be careful because if you leave your child unrestrained and unsupervised, they can go to dangerous parts of the plane like the galleys. Also be careful to ensure that your child doesn’t walk around and reach for hot cups of coffee or silverware.  

Allow your child to carry safe toys only

Don’t allow your child to bring heavy and sharp toys. If your child wants to play an electric game, they should do so during the cruise part of the flight. That’s because electronic games can interfere with the navigation system of the aircraft during the other flight phases.

These are the major tips that will ensure security of your child while traveling. Observe them to make your travel with a child seamless.

Questions to Ask when Choosing a Travel Destination

When selecting a travel destination, there are several factors that you should consider to make an informed choice. Generally, the choice of a travel destination is largely dependent on factors like your interest, travel style, finances, and time.

To select the best travel destination, ask the following question:

What’s your reason for traveling?

The first and most important thing to know is why you are traveling. Do you want to travel for cultural experiences, adventure, history, or food? When you know why you want to travel, you can easily determine the best place to spend your hard-earned money and achieve that goal.

Who will you travel with?

Your travel companions can dramatically affect your choice of a destination. For instance, adult travel destinations vary from children’s travel destinations. Therefore, choose your travel destination depending on whether you will travel solo, as a couple, or family. If you have travel companions, discuss your interests and ideas first.

What trip have you always dreamed about?

Personal travel style has a significant influence on the choice of a travel destination. Do you prefer countryside or cities, mountains or beaches, cultural experiences or festivals, food experiences or shopping, relaxation or adventure? Answer these questions to determine what trip will best satisfy your desires.

How long do you want the trip to take?

The time that you have to travel will also influence the choice of your travel destination. That’s because you need time to travel from your home to that destination. Pick a travel destination that you can reach, have fun, and come back within your scheduled travel time.

How much do you intend to spend on your trip?

It’s important to choose a travel destination that matches your budget. Traveling to some places is expensive due to the available transport methods. Currency exchange rates can also influence the cost of traveling to some places. Therefore, consider such factors when selecting a travel destination.

In addition to these factors, consider weather or season. There is the best time to travel to any destination that you choose. Choose to visit your destination when it’s most appropriate to travel there. Basically, choose a travel destination after conducting an extensive research about it by booking it through one of my recommended tool by visiting the website directly.

Awesome Communication Apps for Travelers

Although traveling enables you to get away for a while, it’s important to keep in touch with friends and family along the way. Fortunately, modern communication technology makes this possible and easy. Today, there are many communication apps that travelers can use from any location as long as there is internet connection.

Here are some of the best communication apps for travelers:


Facebook app provides instant access to friends and family conversations from any location. Some travelers use Facebook app to keep in touch with loved ones from internet cafés while away from home. This app gives travelers updates on the lives of their loved ones while keeping them connected throughout the trip. It enables them to share photos and keep track of what they do and when they do it.


A list of travel apps can’t be complete without Skype. This communication app has been around for years and it is still preferred by many travelers across the globe. A traveler can use Skype from a desktop computer, laptop, or Smartphone. Skype enables travelers to voice call, video call, and instant message their loved ones.


This is a popular app that travelers use for messaging purposes. It keeps travelers in touch with their loved ones as long as they use it too. WhatsApp is a relatively new communication app for travelers.

Google Hangout

Some travelers with a Google+ account use Google Hangout to communicate. It’s a preference for many travelers because their friends and family love the animated hats and faces that it allows them to wear while holding face-to-face conversations.

iMessage and FaceTime Audio or Video

This app enables travelers to communicate as long as they have Wi-Fi on their phones. It also enables them to make audio or video calls using FaceTime. The receiver’s phone rings just like a normal call.

These are the most popular communication apps for traveler. If you plan to travel overseas, make sure you have common apps with your friends and family to communicate with ease.

5 Myths about Travel Agencies

Some travelers don’t see the need to use travel agencies. That’s because they have myths about them. They assume that booking airline tickets, hotels, and car rentals online is faster and easier than ever. Essentially, some modern travelers have myths about travel agents.

Here are the 5 major myths that some people have about travel agencies:


  • All travel agencies are the same


This is a myth. Just like law firms and dental clinics, travel agencies are different. They provide different services and experiences to travelers. It’s therefore important that travelers conduct some research to identify the best travel agents to book their trips with.

  1. Travel agencies charge fees and surcharges on top of the price

This is also a myth. Travel agencies are paid on commission by airlines, resorts, and hotels. In some cases, travel agencies charge a fee for putting comprehensive itineraries together. That’s because this task is time-consuming for complex trips that involve booking transfers and multiple tickets for extended family vacations.

  1. Travel agencies steer travelers to cruise lines and hotels that pay higher commissions

This is not true. If travel agents did that, they would not keep clients. Instead, professional travel agencies focus on establishing lasting relationships with clients. They take time to know their tastes and embark on providing the best experience to every client.


  • Online platforms provide cheaper prices than travel agencies


This might seem true but it is not. Essentially, you will be surprised when asked to pay for your luggage. That’s because what some websites quote are prices of seats. That means you might even be asked to pay for drinks, snacks, and breakfast. But, when you book a trip with a travel agency, you get comprehensive and clear pricing.


  • It’s easy to book a trip without help of a travel agency


It’s true. You can easily book a trip without the help of a travel agency but not the same trip. If you book a trip yourself, you will be a simple credit card number to the travel suppler. But when you book with an agency, you will be known on arrival. Essentially, a good agent offers a specialized trip. This is very important especially when traveling for adventure, going on honeymoon, or cruising.

Basically, these are the major myths that some travelers have about travel agencies. Nevertheless, booking a trip with a travel agent provides a better experience than booking online.

Celebrations and festivals in Rio that you should see

There is a time of year that you should just visit Rio. This is so that you can have the full experience of Rio and their celebrations and festivals. They are doing things so much better and larger, that a normal celebration for you can turn into a huge celebration for them. These are some of the celebrations and festivals that you should see in Rio to understand what it means to celebrate big time:

Christmas celebrations

Most countries are celebrating Christmas on the 25th December. However, if you want to have a great Christmas experience, you need to visit Rio during this time. You will have an experience that you will never forget.

They have a huge Christmas tree that they are decorating and on Christmas eve everyone is going to church for prayer and Christmas services. These celebrations of Christmas are lasting until the new year. So, if you are going to Rio during this time, you are going to have one hell of a party.

Umbanda – Festival of the Goddess of the Sea

This isn’t a festival that is held by the people of Rio, but this is a festival that is held in Rio by the people of Umbanda religion. They are celebrating the Goddess of the Sea, Iemanjá.

This festival is on the 31st December and it is being held at the beach in Rio. The festival is all about dancing, smoking and trance. At night, rafts with flowers, lights and some gifts are set at sea as an offering to the Goddess of the sea.

Rio Carnival

The Rio carnival is the one carnival and festival that you should see. This is something that you will not experience anywhere else in the world. This carnival is all about color, costumes and lots of music.

The Rio carnival starts on Friday and ends on the Ash Wednesday. Making this a celebration of almost a week. This is the time where most tourists are visiting Rio. This is because this is a celebration that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

New Year

When you are Christmas in Rio, there is always a chance that you will be in Rio on the new year. Normally the celebrations are going from Christmas eve through to New Year’s Day. It is fireworks, music and partying every single night. During New Year’s Day, most people will be found at the beach or just relaxing at home after a week of celebrations and partying.

There are many different celebrations and festivals that are held in Rio. And, if you are considering Rio as one of the countries that you want to visit some time, then you should make sure that you are going when one of these festivals is celebrated. This is going to make your visit to Rio so much more special, and you will see a whole different side of celebrations and festivals.