Why Flying is the Best Way to Travel

Why Flying is the Best Way to Travel

One night I was having a conversation with a fellow friend of mine that owns Glass Dawg of San Antonio and he mentioned to me some tips about traveling, and he goes to say, although travelers have different preferences when it comes to choosing transport methods, flying remains the best way to travel around the world. That’s for varied reasons.

Flying is Safe

Flying is safer than traveling by cars. Fatal car crashes are reported every week or month in different parts of the world. This is not the case for airplanes. And, when an airplane goes down, chances of survival are higher than when a vehicle crashes.

Flight Costs are Affordable

Over the years, flight costs have been declining. That’s because of the increasing competition in the airline industry. As such, more people opt to travel by plane to save money and arrive to their destinations faster.

It’s Faster

Flying is the fastest way to travel. If you have only a few days to travel, you will tour the world more when you use plane to travel than when you use vehicles or cruise ships. What’s more, it’s easy to get a plane that will take you to any travel destination in the world faster.

It’s Convenient

When you travel by plane, you choose your preferred sit in the plane. And, unless there are unavoidable circumstances, your plane will leave at the scheduled time. Thus, you don’t have to waste time around the airport waiting for your flight.

It’s the Best Way to Get to Some Destinations

When traveling to places like Paris and Tahiti, flying is the best transport method to use. That’s because other options like taking slow boats take many hours or days to get you to your destination. Additionally, flying is the best transport method for international travels.


Perhaps, this is the major reason why flying is the best way to travel. When flying, you can doze off especially if you have not had time to sleep properly for some days. This is particularly good for busy people. Taking a quick nap shortens the flight while making you feel refreshed and ready for the adventure that awaits you.

In addition, flying allows you great aerial views and you can still stay productive using your laptop while traveling. So, if you plan to travel soon, consider flying rather than riding in a taxi or a boat.

Top Tips for Holiday Travels

Holiday season travel can be frustrating. Whether you travel with a loved one or alone, you need these tips to help you maintain your sanity.

Keep an Eye on Flight Deals

Travel experts are yet to reach a consensus on the best flight booking moment. Some argue that the summer months before the holiday starts are the best flight booking moments. However, early booking will allow you more options. Also, monitor flash sales when airlines offer special deals.

Travel During Off-Peak

It is possible to avoid some crowds, do it when traveling during the holidays. That way, you can score amazing deals, especially if you travel a day after or before everybody else. Peak days are the Wednesday before and Sunday after Thanksgiving. You can get cheaper fares by traveling a day after or on Thanksgiving Day. Also, enduring late or early hours will save you time and money. And most airports are less busy on off-peak days.

Get One-Way Tickets

Before booking a roundtrip airfare, compare prices for one-way tickets between airlines. Using one airline to travel to your destination and another one to go back home could be cheaper. What’s more, using different airlines allows you the convenience of deciding your flight times. Therefore, compare the prices of other airlines when traveling to and from your destination.

Carry Your Gifts Wisely

TSA can decide to inspect every package with your gifts. Therefore, avoid wrapping everything before traveling. It’s wise to avoid assuming that security will clear your items without checking them. Instead, carry your gifts in a carry-on bag. That way, you avoid losing your luggage while traveling during the holidays.

In addition to these holiday travel tips, remember always to stay safe. You may not predict an illness, a natural disaster, or a terrorist attack. However, you can prepare for your action in case of the worst-case scenario. For instance, you can purchase travel insurance that covers you for emergency evacuation and trip cancellation.

Tips for Having the Most Relaxing Travel Experience

Many people travel to escape their daily responsibilities at home and work. That’s because most individuals work hard but never have enough time to relax and have fun with loved ones. As such, most travelers are determined to have the most relaxing travel experience. But, how do you make your travel experience the most relaxing? Here are useful tips to help you. 

Read Interesting Books When Traveling 

Reading is a slow activity that requires attention. However, reading engaging and exciting books is a relaxing experience. As such, you can relax when traveling by reading interesting and engaging books. Such books are easy to read even when lying under a tee or in bed. In addition to relaxing, reading is rewarding or your intelligence and mental health.

Avoid Home and Work Pressures 

You travel to escape work and home-related pressures and stresses. Therefore, take your travel time to be at peace with yourself. Take this time to interact with new people and see new things. Make it a relaxing holiday. Therefore, don’t respond to emails and calls that may interfere with your relaxation when traveling. 

Enjoy What You Like

Perhaps, you’ve always wanted to taste some meals away from home. Take this opportunity to do that. Essentially, you should avoid anything that hinders you from enjoying your travel experience. You always work hard every day to make money. Therefore, take this opportunity to enjoy your travel experience by doing what you like. 

Avoid Stress as Much as Possible 

Unanticipated things can happen during the trip. For instance, you can miss your flight or something delays you at the train station. But, this shouldn’t stress you. Instead, focus on having fun and creating memories of your travel experience. Essentially, avoid being stressed over anything when traveling and make the experience as relaxing as possible. 

People travel for varied reasons. But, relaxing and having fun is a major reason why most people travel. Follow these tips to have the most relaxing travel experience.

Pointers for Making Executive Travel Arrangements

Preparation is very important when it comes to executive travels. If you’re responsible for making travel arrangements for the CEO, here are important pointers to consider. 


Find out more about the objectives or purpose of the trip. Know why the executive wants to travel. Make sure that the arrangements will make this happen with ease. 


How much money is the executive ready to spend on the trip? This should guide your planning process, especially when it comes to booking flights and hotels. 

Visit the Archives 

Talk to the staff members or assistants that have been involved in making travel arrangements for the executive in the past. Find out what they did and how they did it. This should act as your frame of reference when making current travel arrangements for the executive. 

Traveler’s Details 

Get all the necessary details of the executive. This will make booking flights and making reservations easier. Some of the details that you need to do this include their name, email address, ID, and phone number. 

Permission Granted 

Check the passport of the executive to ensure that it’s valid. Make sure that it’s not about to expire. In some countries, travelers are required to have Visas and vaccination forms. Additionally, the executive may need travel insurance too. Make sure that such things are taken care of before the executive travels. 


Will the executive be flying, taking a taxi, using a car rental service, Uber, or limousine? Consider such factors and make travel arrangements accordingly. Focus on making the trip comfortable for the executive. Ideally, make sure that the executive won’t struggle to move from one point to another. 

Research Extensively 

Take your time to research the travel destination of the executive. Make sure that the executive has all the necessary information before traveling. For instance, find out more about the hotel in which the executive will be staying. How close is it to the conference room? Your responsibility is to ensure that the executive won’t struggle or have difficulties moving around. 

Observe these points when making executive travel arrangements and the process will be easier for you.  

How Traveling Compares to Falling in Love

It feels wonderful to fall in love with the person of your dream. However, this feeling of happiness and contentment is not solely dependent on finding someone special. The same euphoria can be experienced when a person packs bags and travels the world. If still not sure about this, here are some of the ways traveling compares to falling in love. 

Traveling is Exhilarating 

You enjoy a magical and exhilarating experience when you fall in love and start knowing another person. This is also the same experience a person enjoys when they travel. The feeling is not easy to explain. But, it is enjoyable anyway. Traveling entails enjoying new experiences, adventures, things, and cherishing the simple pleasures that life brings along. 

No Inhibitions 

People fall in love with strangers and eventually know each other. They ignore their inhibitions and express their feelings. When traveling, the idea of getting out there can be scary. Even though you don’t know what to expect, you assume that the ride will be smooth and pleasurable. Once you get out there and start having fun, you forget your inhibitions, troubles, and worries. You focus on enjoying the thrill of the moment. And, that’s what matters for a moment. 

You Forget Everything Else 

When in love, you get moments when you stare at your partner’s eyes and forget everything else around you. That’s the same way things go when traveling. Travelers are lost in daze and awe of their surroundings. They simply enjoy the creation in front of them while breathing fresh air. 

You Can’t Travel Enough 

The same way you can’t get enough of the person you love, travelers can’t get enough of the adventure and experiences the activity brings. They want to travel more with new experiences. Traveling becomes an activity that gives them a sense of purpose and existence. 

When a person falls in love, they want to make every minute spent together with the spouse count. This is also the case for travelers. Each traveler wants every minute to count when it comes to their experience. So, if you’ve not been traveling, don’t waste more time. Instead, start traveling to enjoy the experience that comes with it. 

Tips for Traveling During Hurricane Season

You might benefit from off-peak rates if you travel to the Caribbean and U.S Gulf Coast during summer and early fall. However, hurricane season lasts from early June until the end of November and might coincide with your trip. There are important points to bear in mind before traveling to these destinations at this time.

Travel Insurance

If you decide to travel during hurricane season, get an insurance policy like Natural Catastrophe Cover. 

Stay Alert

Keep tabs on weather reports and monitor local and international updates on television. Moreover, give family and friends the address and telephone number of where you are staying. Calling, texting or emailing your progress is helpful to minimize tension among your family members at home.

Be Flexible

Your travel plans should accommodate random changes to suit emergencies. You may reschedule or cancel some trips depending on weather conditions.

Take a Cruise

If you worry about your travel plans getting disrupted by a hurricane, then take a cruise to your destination rather than flight. Ships are more flexible and will detour to alternative ports if need be.

Plan Ahead 

If your destination is in a hurricane zone, consider learning how to deal with emergencies in case they happen.

Take Some Extra Essentials

Prepare for extended travel time by bringing extra clothes and medication. Also, keep your phone, iPad, medication, and chargers in your carry-on since your baggage can get misplaced

Choose Reputable Travel Providers

Choose agents who can go the extra mile to ensure your safety when things go wrong. A well-connected agent or a reputable hotel can make a difference in how you will be treated. 

Factor in Buffer Travel Time

Budget for an extra day or two at the end of the trip to take care of the time lost during delays.

Traveling during a hurricane is not entirely difficult if you pay attention to the above tips.

Important Travel Tips for Backpackers

Backpacking is an adventurous way to travel. Here are useful travel tips for backpackers to make your next backpacking trip amazing.

Don’t Fear Talking to People

Backpacking is basically not just about your travel destination. It’s also about meeting people and making new friends. The fact that traveling surrounds you with people that you share common interests with makes it amazing. When you travel alone, don’t let boredom kill you. Instead, talk to other people to learn more about their experiences, cultures, and ways of life.

Mingle with the Locals

To learn more about your travel destination and get the best experience, interact with the local people. These will share information about the best places to enjoy great travel experiences. When you mingle with the locals, you get a chance to explore locations that tourists may have bypassed.

Invest in an Inflatable Pillow

Backpacking sometimes involves driving or using public transport for long distances. An inflatable travel pillow will take up a little space in your bug. However, it will make a significant difference when it comes to resting.

Invest in a Waterproof Camera Bag

Weather can be unpredictable in some travel destinations. Since you don’t want your expensive camera to suffer water damage, invest in a good waterproof camera bag. Make sure that the bag is sufficiently big to fit your sunscreen, wallet, and phone.

Enjoy the Local Delicacies

Your backpacking experience won’t be complete until you indulge in some local delicacies. Therefore, take some time to explore and find some places where you can enjoy truly amazing delicacies. You can even go on a wine tasting trip if you are fan of that.

Carry a Notebook

Hostel computers are expensive to use to access the internet in some places. But, you will find Wi-Fi in most places these days. As such, consider leaving your laptop behind and instead carry a notebook. This will let you write blogs and get in touch with family and friends with ease.

Follow these useful travel tips for backpackers to make your next backpacking trip amazing.

Tips for Traveling with COPD

Having Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) shouldn’t mean you will never travel. With careful planning and following these tips, you can travel with ease when you have COPD.

Packing Tips

No matter where you intend to travel to and how you plan to travel, you should pack enough oxygen or medication that will last the entire trip. If you will be away from your luggage at some point, for instance when having your bag checked, pack scripts in the carry-on. This will ensure that you can still access them in case they are misplaced by the airline. Ensure that your health providers’ names and contacts are easily accessible in case of an emergency.

When Flying

When carrying respiratory equipment while flying, talk to the service provider to ensure a smooth boarding process. For example, CPAP machines, nebulizers, and other devices shouldn’t be packed in the carry-on to pass via the x-ray machine. Facemasks and tubing can be carried in their cases. Nebulizer liquids should not be subjected to the 3 ounces limit. Also pre-inform the TSA about your medical issue to get all the help you need at the airport.

Use a Car if Possible

If you can travel by car, it would be easier. That’s because when traveling by car you can keep car windows closed to prevent traffic-related fumes from entering the vehicle. You can also avoid lung-agitating agents from entering the car. If you travel alongside a smoker, ask them to smoke only when you alight to avoid secondhand smoke.

Additional COPD Travel Tips

If you travel by train or go on a cruise tour, contact your booking agency in advance to find out if there is something that can be done to ease your travel. Also drink more water to keep your respiratory tract hydrated.

Follow these tips for traveling with COPD to make your travel experience better.

Innovative Ways to Document Your Trip

Innovative Ways to Document Your Trip

When traveling, there are many unforgettable experiences that you will be treated to. However, some of your experiences will fade over time if you don’t document them. That’s why you should keep a record of your trips and travel experiences. Here are cool and creative ways to document your trip.

Keep a Paper Journal

Although paper journals might sound too conventional to some people, they offer greater freedom to document your trip the way you wish. A paper journal allows you to preserve the memories of your trip through writing, doodling and scribbling in ways that specifically appeal to you. Instead of the usual notebooks, there are different types of travel journals that are created just for this purpose.

Make a Video Montage

Videos are more appealing than still photos and they tend to capture moments that can’t be vividly expressed using photographs better. Today, there are many devices including digital cameras and Smartphones that have great video recording capabilities. After the trip, you can review the videos, choose the ones you like and create a lengthy reel that tells the story of your trip.

Use Scratch Maps

Scratch maps are large sized scratch cards that are printed with the names of various places across the world. Using them is quite simple. After visiting a travel destination, all you need is to scratch off the layer on the map to reveal the particular country or region. Unlike push pin travel maps, scratch maps are more affordable.

Create a Fun Photo Series

Almost every traveler takes photos. Instead of just keeping them in your phone, laptop, PC or camera after the trip, make a fun photo series that gradually details the entire experience. There are many online tools that you can use to create amazing photo series.

Start a Travel Blog

If you intend to travel a lot, start a travel blog where you can preserve your memories. One of the main advantages of a blog is that it allows you to document your experiences in writing as well as using photos and videos. Besides just documenting your trip, travel blogging provides a great way to earn some extra cash.

Try these ways to document your trip and share your travel experiences with loved ones with ease.


Internet Security Tips for Travelers

Internet Security Tips for Travelers

Using computers while traveling should not freak you out. However, if you are not careful about how you access your digital information, you will open yourself up to significant expenses and hassles. That’s why you should know and follow internet security tips for travelers.

Security tips for using your device

When using your device to access the internet while traveling, be wary of gadget theft. In addition to protecting your device physically from thieves, configure it to enhance security. That way, you will keep personal data private even if someone steals your device.

For instance, make sure that your device runs the latest version of its operating system. Also tighten the security settings of your device and install appropriate security software. Additionally, make sure that you have a pass code or password for your device. That way, thieves won’t access your personal information even if they steal the device.

Security tips for using public network and computers

If you want to complete a task that does not entail logging into a personal account using a public network or computer, you have nothing to worry about. For instance, use public computers comfortably to check maps, train schedules, and museum hours. Such tasks do not pose a security risk to travelers.

However, avoid using public computers and networks to access personal accounts where you enter password or login details as much as possible. For instance, avoid logging into your email account, Facebook account, or Ecommerce from a public computer. That’s because these computers can have damaging malware that include key-logger programs. These keep track of the data that users type on them including passwords. If you must use a public computer to access personal accounts, make sure that your login details are not stored in the web browser.

Accessing personal data online

You might be tempted to check credit card or online banking statements while traveling abroad. You might also be tempted to perform other personal banking chores online. Internet security professionals advise against this. Most importantly, they recommend that you avoid using public computers to access financial data online. That’s because hackers can be logged on to the network that you use to login into your account. That means they can monitor your activities remotely including your login details. That’s why you should avoid accessing personal data online while traveling.

These are the major internet security tips for travelers. Follow them to ensure maximum safety while traveling.