5 Myths about Travel Agencies

Some travelers don’t see the need to use travel agencies. That’s because they have myths about them. They assume that booking airline tickets, hotels, and car rentals online is faster and easier than ever. Essentially, some modern travelers have myths about travel agents.

Here are the 5 major myths that some people have about travel agencies:


  • All travel agencies are the same


This is a myth. Just like law firms and dental clinics, travel agencies are different. They provide different services and experiences to travelers. It’s therefore important that travelers conduct some research to identify the best travel agents to book their trips with.

  1. Travel agencies charge fees and surcharges on top of the price

This is also a myth. Travel agencies are paid on commission by airlines, resorts, and hotels. In some cases, travel agencies charge a fee for putting comprehensive itineraries together. That’s because this task is time-consuming for complex trips that involve booking transfers and multiple tickets for extended family vacations.

  1. Travel agencies steer travelers to cruise lines and hotels that pay higher commissions

This is not true. If travel agents did that, they would not keep clients. Instead, professional travel agencies focus on establishing lasting relationships with clients. They take time to know their tastes and embark on providing the best experience to every client.


  • Online platforms provide cheaper prices than travel agencies


This might seem true but it is not. Essentially, you will be surprised when asked to pay for your luggage. That’s because what some websites quote are prices of seats. That means you might even be asked to pay for drinks, snacks, and breakfast. But, when you book a trip with a travel agency, you get comprehensive and clear pricing.


  • It’s easy to book a trip without help of a travel agency


It’s true. You can easily book a trip without the help of a travel agency but not the same trip. If you book a trip yourself, you will be a simple credit card number to the travel suppler. But when you book with an agency, you will be known on arrival. Essentially, a good agent offers a specialized trip. This is very important especially when traveling for adventure, going on honeymoon, or cruising.

Basically, these are the major myths that some travelers have about travel agencies. Nevertheless, booking a trip with a travel agent provides a better experience than booking online.

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