Awesome Communication Apps for Travelers

Although traveling enables you to get away for a while, it’s important to keep in touch with friends and family along the way. Fortunately, modern communication technology makes this possible and easy. Today, there are many communication apps that travelers can use from any location as long as there is internet connection.

Here are some of the best communication apps for travelers:


Facebook app provides instant access to friends and family conversations from any location. Some travelers use Facebook app to keep in touch with loved ones from internet cafés while away from home. This app gives travelers updates on the lives of their loved ones while keeping them connected throughout the trip. It enables them to share photos and keep track of what they do and when they do it.


A list of travel apps can’t be complete without Skype. This communication app has been around for years and it is still preferred by many travelers across the globe. A traveler can use Skype from a desktop computer, laptop, or Smartphone. Skype enables travelers to voice call, video call, and instant message their loved ones.


This is a popular app that travelers use for messaging purposes. It keeps travelers in touch with their loved ones as long as they use it too. WhatsApp is a relatively new communication app for travelers.

Google Hangout

Some travelers with a Google+ account use Google Hangout to communicate. It’s a preference for many travelers because their friends and family love the animated hats and faces that it allows them to wear while holding face-to-face conversations.

iMessage and FaceTime Audio or Video

This app enables travelers to communicate as long as they have Wi-Fi on their phones. It also enables them to make audio or video calls using FaceTime. The receiver’s phone rings just like a normal call.

These are the most popular communication apps for traveler. If you plan to travel overseas, make sure you have common apps with your friends and family to communicate with ease.

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