Why Flying is the Best Way to Travel

Why Flying is the Best Way to Travel

One night I was having a conversation with a fellow friend of mine that owns Glass Dawg of San Antonio and he mentioned to me some tips about traveling, and he goes to say, although travelers have different preferences when it comes to choosing transport methods, flying remains the best way to travel around the world. That’s for varied reasons.

Flying is Safe

Flying is safer than traveling by cars. Fatal car crashes are reported every week or month in different parts of the world. This is not the case for airplanes. And, when an airplane goes down, chances of survival are higher than when a vehicle crashes.

Flight Costs are Affordable

Over the years, flight costs have been declining. That’s because of the increasing competition in the airline industry. As such, more people opt to travel by plane to save money and arrive to their destinations faster.

It’s Faster

Flying is the fastest way to travel. If you have only a few days to travel, you will tour the world more when you use plane to travel than when you use vehicles or cruise ships. What’s more, it’s easy to get a plane that will take you to any travel destination in the world faster.

It’s Convenient

When you travel by plane, you choose your preferred sit in the plane. And, unless there are unavoidable circumstances, your plane will leave at the scheduled time. Thus, you don’t have to waste time around the airport waiting for your flight.

It’s the Best Way to Get to Some Destinations

When traveling to places like Paris and Tahiti, flying is the best transport method to use. That’s because other options like taking slow boats take many hours or days to get you to your destination. Additionally, flying is the best transport method for international travels.


Perhaps, this is the major reason why flying is the best way to travel. When flying, you can doze off especially if you have not had time to sleep properly for some days. This is particularly good for busy people. Taking a quick nap shortens the flight while making you feel refreshed and ready for the adventure that awaits you.

In addition, flying allows you great aerial views and you can still stay productive using your laptop while traveling. So, if you plan to travel soon, consider flying rather than riding in a taxi or a boat.

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