Innovative Ways to Document Your Trip

Innovative Ways to Document Your Trip

When traveling, there are many unforgettable experiences that you will be treated to. However, some of your experiences will fade over time if you don’t document them. That’s why you should keep a record of your trips and travel experiences. Here are cool and creative ways to document your trip.

Keep a Paper Journal

Although paper journals might sound too conventional to some people, they offer greater freedom to document your trip the way you wish. A paper journal allows you to preserve the memories of your trip through writing, doodling and scribbling in ways that specifically appeal to you. Instead of the usual notebooks, there are different types of travel journals that are created just for this purpose.

Make a Video Montage

Videos are more appealing than still photos and they tend to capture moments that can’t be vividly expressed using photographs better. Today, there are many devices including digital cameras and Smartphones that have great video recording capabilities. After the trip, you can review the videos, choose the ones you like and create a lengthy reel that tells the story of your trip.

Use Scratch Maps

Scratch maps are large sized scratch cards that are printed with the names of various places across the world. Using them is quite simple. After visiting a travel destination, all you need is to scratch off the layer on the map to reveal the particular country or region. Unlike push pin travel maps, scratch maps are more affordable.

Create a Fun Photo Series

Almost every traveler takes photos. Instead of just keeping them in your phone, laptop, PC or camera after the trip, make a fun photo series that gradually details the entire experience. There are many online tools that you can use to create amazing photo series.

Start a Travel Blog

If you intend to travel a lot, start a travel blog where you can preserve your memories. One of the main advantages of a blog is that it allows you to document your experiences in writing as well as using photos and videos. Besides just documenting your trip, travel blogging provides a great way to earn some extra cash.

Try these ways to document your trip and share your travel experiences with loved ones with ease.


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