Tips for Traveling During Hurricane Season

You might benefit from off-peak rates if you travel to the Caribbean and U.S Gulf Coast during summer and early fall. However, hurricane season lasts from early June until the end of November and might coincide with your trip. There are important points to bear in mind before traveling to these destinations at this time.

Travel Insurance

If you decide to travel during hurricane season, get an insurance policy like Natural Catastrophe Cover. 

Stay Alert

Keep tabs on weather reports and monitor local and international updates on television. Moreover, give family and friends the address and telephone number of where you are staying. Calling, texting or emailing your progress is helpful to minimize tension among your family members at home.

Be Flexible

Your travel plans should accommodate random changes to suit emergencies. You may reschedule or cancel some trips depending on weather conditions.

Take a Cruise

If you worry about your travel plans getting disrupted by a hurricane, then take a cruise to your destination rather than flight. Ships are more flexible and will detour to alternative ports if need be.

Plan Ahead 

If your destination is in a hurricane zone, consider learning how to deal with emergencies in case they happen.

Take Some Extra Essentials

Prepare for extended travel time by bringing extra clothes and medication. Also, keep your phone, iPad, medication, and chargers in your carry-on since your baggage can get misplaced

Choose Reputable Travel Providers

Choose agents who can go the extra mile to ensure your safety when things go wrong. A well-connected agent or a reputable hotel can make a difference in how you will be treated. 

Factor in Buffer Travel Time

Budget for an extra day or two at the end of the trip to take care of the time lost during delays.

Traveling during a hurricane is not entirely difficult if you pay attention to the above tips.

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