Useful Child Travel Safety Tips

When it comes to traveling with toddlers and infants, adults must be very careful to ensure their wellbeing. My friend at Water Damage San Antonio shares the following tips on how to make traveling with a child safer.

Plan ahead

Get all supplies that you may need on hand to handle special and normal needs of your child. The airline is responsible for carrying passengers to their destination. However, adults are responsible for taking care of their children during flights.

Use a restraint system for your small child

When traveling with a child that weighs less than 18.1kilos or 40 pounds, have a restraint system. If your child is under the age of 2 years, you can carry them on your lap. Essentially, depending on the age and weight of your child, buy a separate seat for them or use a restraint system.

Prepare for emergencies

Take time to consider possible emergencies then invest in appropriate procedures or equipment. Pay close attention to the pre-flight emergency briefing. Also find out whether there is emergency equipment for children in the aircraft. When traveling with a child that has a special medical condition that can become an issue, alert the flight attendants before you take off.

Keep your child under control throughout

Supervision of your child is your responsibility. Be careful because if you leave your child unrestrained and unsupervised, they can go to dangerous parts of the plane like the galleys. Also be careful to ensure that your child doesn’t walk around and reach for hot cups of coffee or silverware.  

Allow your child to carry safe toys only

Don’t allow your child to bring heavy and sharp toys. If your child wants to play an electric game, they should do so during the cruise part of the flight. That’s because electronic games can interfere with the navigation system of the aircraft during the other flight phases.

These are the major tips that will ensure security of your child while traveling. Observe them to make your travel with a child seamless.

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